Aidan G. Photography – Entrepreneur


Aidan Guerra says he’s not always good with words, but calls his lens the “paintbrush” that allows him to visually interact with and reflect the world he sees.
The self-proclaimed photography “addict” has been taking pictures since he was a kid. He is rarely without his camera.
Now he has his own photography business.
“I thought it was an art form that was really unique,” he says. “I really like people. And I see things that maybe most people don’t pay attention to.”
Aidan works in dramatic portraiture, dabbles in mixed media, and roams Edmonton with a street photography group to record the city’s grit and raw beauty.
He has a knack for unique lighting, along with photographing the unexpected.
“Sometimes I’ll see a moment and stop a person so I can capture it,” he says.
Aidan is often hired to cover events for local non-profits.
He is currently working on a project to visually document Edmonton’s old buildings “before they are demolished because of modernization.”
He is available for portraits and other photography work.

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