Carly M. – Success Story

SS_Carly Miller

Carly has a keen interest in the health and wellness and beauty industry.
Carly got her first job on her own. Carly approached her current employer (The Bridal House & Tuxedo House) at a business luncheon in 2013. They hired her right away. She is a natural seller. She accessorizes the brides and offers support throughout the store.

She has volunteered at the Salvation Army, the International Children’s Festival, and the Youville Home in St. Albert. She is organized, and extremely creative, both in an artistic sense, and at using technology to overcome her barriers. She designs and creates phone cases, mugs, and licence plates using a special printer.
Carly got a second job working at Winners in October 2015. She is warm, kind, friendly, and cares very much about having a positive impact on customers. She loves her work. “I’m doing very great,” Carly says. “Thank you so much for helping me find this job. It is like home to me.”