Ethan H. – Job Seeker

Ethan H. - Job Seeker

Ethan loves reading and he loves books. He has an amazing memory. He is a logical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills. He follows logical instructions well and can juggle multiple tasks. Ethan does well with encouragement. He is an excellent verbal communicator but requires support with written communication. Ethan can be shy when meeting new people.

Ethan has done a wide array of volunteer work. His experience includes preserving specimens for the University of Alberta’s Paleontology Department and acting as a time keeper at swim competitions. He also has experience in food service, cleaning, and lawn maintenance.

Ethan would love to work at a book store. He will be the kind of staff who keeps up with popular and new books so he can share information with customers. His strong computer literacy skills and excellent memory would make him a key resource for customers searching online and in-store for the right book. He loves the idea of being able to shelf books, too.

He would love to work for a bookseller. His wish is for people to see him for his great potential.

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