Grayson G. – Success Story

Grayson G.

Grayson enjoys working outside and working with people. He has an interest in being involved in his community and wants to work for a truly inclusive employer where he can have a meaningful role.

Grayson had difficulty in the past with maintaining work unsupported. He was depressed and his family was concerned about his wellbeing. Through the process of discovery, we found he had taken jobs that weren’t a good match to his skills, interests, and talents, and that he required some minor accommodations to support his success at work.

Grayson started working at Home Depot in St. Albert in April 2015 and he is flourishing. He says he feels a great sense of belonging and enjoys spending time with his coworkers every day. His family says he is back to his old self and is enthusiastic about work.

His supervisors say he is a great hire. They appreciate his strong work ethic and have been fully supportive of his accommodations.