Joe P. – Job Seeker

Joe P - Job Seeker

Joe is seeking part time employment. He would like to work in a setting that allows him to work hands-on in an entry-level position so he can gain experience and grow within a company.

Joe is athletic and attends weekly Taekwondo classes. He won Gold in the 2016 Canadian National Taekwondo championships in Calgary. He enjoys playing guitar and working out at the gym in his spare time.

Joe works best in workplace that gives him structure and routine. He works well from lists and follows supervision well. He believes strongly in fairness and treating one another with respect. He is kind and driven to work hard. Joe enjoys working indoors or outside and likes to keep busy.

Joe has some experience working in a windows shop helping install vehicle windshields. As well, he has loaded and unloaded delivery trucks and assembled various furniture items. He has also done general cleaning at a car wash and yard maintenance.

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